More of 70 years linked to textile crafts

Eusebio Sánchez was born in 1952 with its first store in Valencia led by its founder Eusebio Sánchez Sánchez. This family business has been around for more than 70 years being a reference in the world of textiles in Spain

Since its creation, Eusebio Sánchez prioritized craftsmanship and know-how and, thus, His search has taken him to some of the great cradles of textile crafts., like Austria and Switzerland (historically linked to our country), and also to Germany, where its international expansion began.

Main milestones:

1997: Retirement of D. Eusebio Sánchez and first generational change in management. The company passes into the hands of a Board of Directors with the participation of the four children, staying in front, as President and CEO, D. Eusebio Sánchez Moliner.

This new management, headed by the aforementioned CEO -son of the founder- and supported by the rest of the Council, resulted in the growth and modernization of the company, both in sales systems, as in computerization of it, as well as the transfer to the current address, in a larger ship.

2020: Second change in company management.
Eusebio Sánchez Moliner has been at the head of the company until 2020, year in which he retired, leaving a modern and cutting-edge company, who works with great prestigious designers, with an impeccable career and the imprint of his passion and respect for textile craftsmanship. It is at this time that management is entrusted to external and professional personnel., under the figure of the General Directorate.

Eusebio Sanchez


Our fabrics are designed to enhance the most special moments.

With responsibility and humility, and with great satisfaction, We are aware that our reason for being is linked to a higher purpose. Our work and commitment are part of a whole that will mark, forever, the history of the people who wear the garments decorated with our products.
Because in every ceremony celebrated throughout life (Boda, Baptism, First Communion…), in every traditional clothing, In every choice of the perfect outfit for an important event... there is a greater project that transcends us, and offers us the opportunity to enrich it, giving it uniqueness.
It is an intangible value, although it can materialize in the richest of lace, and goes beyond status and differentiation. It's about contributing to the happiness of that big day.


Details that mark uniqueness.

Our embroidery, laces and fabrics are already considered, within the clothing industry, as an important distinctive value for the final product, a unique product, and avant-garde.
Working with us and being part of our universe means having access to exclusivity of designs and expert and personalized advice.. Something that fashionistas like Lorenzo Caprile or big brands like Sandro know well, who trust us when it comes to including our fabrics and embroidery in their creations. John Galliano, Carolina Herrera Bridal, Ralph Lauren, Reem Acra, Novia d'Art and Helena Mareque, among others, They are part of our universe of highly prestigious designers..

Eusebio Sanchez
Eusebio Sanchez


A modern company at the service of tradition.

In recent years Eusebio Sánchez has begun a process of expansion, establishing commercial networks in various countries (Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italia, Germany, Austria, Swiss, United Kingdom, Polonia y E.E.U.U. among others). Along its history, has gone through different phases that have allowed it to become what it is: a modern company at the service of tradition. To always be at the forefront and be able to offer quality service to all clients, prestigious designers and large brands that trust us. Since the year 2020 We are part of the association “Costura de Autor”, a non-profit organization that was born in the year 2019 for the defense and promotion of Spanish designer sewing, its designers and the craftsmanship.

At the moment, Eusebio Sánchez is present at the main international events such as Première Vision in Paris.